Finding the Best Cruise Package

A cruise is often considered the height of holiday luxury, a floating hotel with entertainment and activities laid on and many locations visited without unpacking and repacking your suitcase over and over again. You can cruise all over the world.

The Caribbean, the Mediterranean, even Alaska are offered as cruise routes. When choosing your cruise you need to set out a few things first such as your budget, what kind of places you want to see, how hot you want it to be and how far you want to travel before you get on-board ship.

Cinque Terre National Park

You can take a cruise from a UK port or fly to another country to board you cruise-liner. For those who don`t like flying, a UK departure might be appealing, others may like to see more of the world and enjoy the flight as part of the holiday. You can do a cruise that has only one flight, either flying to a start point for the cruise and cruising home or vice versa. It is worth mentioning that if you choose a cruise that starts from the UK and has a flight to get home you may need to leave time to recover from any jet lag you may experience.

There are many benefits to cruising; firstly you can spend your time just relaxing if you want. You don`t need to worry about where you`ll be eating or what currency to use and you don`t need to take a taxi to get there; it`s just a question of going to the right deck. Secondly you can see several different places on one holiday, for instance a Mediterranean (or Med) cruise may take in the Greek Island and Athens, Venice and Croatia. Whereas travelling by plane would mean at least five flights, security checks, baggage carousels and endless waiting around. Not so with a cruise, all the time you`re travelling you`re relaxing.

Captivating Dubrovnik

First time cruisers often choose to start with a Med cruise as there are a number of benefits, the destination ports on the cruise route will mostly use the Euro as currency, so spending money is easy during any excursions. The climate is warm but not oppressively hot or humid and you can have a holiday which lasts as little as seven days.

Prices for cruises vary depending on length of holiday, distance being travelled, type of cabin and rating of the ship. Although they sometimes seem expensive, when you factor in the food, entertainment and additional travel/transfer costs a normal package holiday doesn`t include, but are often essential, they are as good, if not better, value for money. One of the best things about Med cruises is that, because they are relatively close to the UK, the travel costs are lower, meaning you can afford to take a longer holiday or book upgraded on-board accommodation for your trip.