Car Hire Tips

Hiring a car can sometimes turn into a nightmare, the thing that really sends the stress balance of a trip abroad tipping towards the danger zone. However, it need not be stressful or difficult

and following a few simple steps can help keep any car hire process simple and straightforward.

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One issue which often leads to confusion is when a provider offers a car type “or similar.” Many customers ignore the “or similar” phrase and feel angry when the car that they thought they would be driving does not materialise. Someone hiring a car needs to be aware that any vehicles used in promotional materials are there to illustrate a point and the specific type of vehicle shown may not be the one which is actually delivered to the customer.

A customer should check the exact terms of the service agreement in order to establish precisely what they are paying for in terms of fuel. The car may not have a full tank of fuel on collection and this needs to be established as soon as possible. Keeping the hire company`s contact details to hand all the time during the period when the car is being used is also a good idea. If things do go wrong, it pays to be able to speak to people who can put them right as quickly as a possible.
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Insurance also needs to be checked and its precise terms established. There should also be a discussion with the provider about what the terms of the excess are. Even if a customer has paid extra and reduced the excess to zero, they may still be liable for damage to some parts of the car, like window wipers. If the car is going to be travelling off road at all this is particularly important.

Before driving the car away, the person hiring it should also check for any damage which is already in place. No one wants to be held liable for damage which was not due to them and listing any features which are damaged while still with the service provider should eliminate doubt and dispute later on.
Checking where the car needs to be returned to when finished with is also crucial. It does not necessarily follow that the car will be returned to the same place that it was picked up from. Checking this, along with other factors such as the precise deadlines for return, will lessen the chances of extra charges and other complications.
Travelers need to find car hire providers who are reliable and above board in their dealings. A well-known company with an easily checked reputation is best; a local company may offer cheap deals but rectifying issues may be more difficult. Planning and preparing carefully will eliminate much of the stress that can be involved.

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