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Cruise holidays have gained popularity over the years. Read on to discover the 5 most sought-after cruise destinations out of the UK and what makes them so popular.
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Going on a cruise is a luxury sought after by the discerning traveler wishing to see a variety of countries and experience the sights in plush comfort. This post discusses the Top 5 cruise packages and their areas of operation.

Going on a cruise is a fantastic way to to see a variety of countries and experience cultures in luxurious surroundings. Cruise ships are known for their luxury, with pretty much every facility you can think of being available on board. Your cruise will largely involve travelling by night and spending the day docked in the port of somewhere new, and all you have to do is explore and enjoy.

Popular Cruise Destinations

Cruises are available around pretty much every region in the world from the Norwegian Fjords to the Caribbean Islands and beyond and as you are traveling as part of your holiday you get to see whole regions rather than just the one country.

The Caribbean

Probably the most popular cruise destination is the Caribbean. Known for its crystal clear waters, exotic islands and amazing beaches, there are a number of different cruise options to choose from. Check out the ancient Mayan ruins in Belize or climb the Dunns River Falls in Jamaica. Check the itinerary and make sure the Island that you want to visit is included.

sun-drenched tropical beach
Idyllic Tropical Beach (Courtesy: Rowan Heuvel)

The Mediterranean

Mediterranean Cruises are also some of the most popular. Experience a fantastic mix of exotic North Africa and sophisticated European destinations that this cruise has to offer. Immerse yourself in the culture of cities such as Cairo, Rome and Barcelona. Explore art galleries and museums but do leave time to enjoy the plethora of amazing cuisine from this region.

The Mexican Riviera

The Mexican Riviera is also a very popular cruise. With crystal blue translucent seas and lush dense jungles, Mexico boasts one of the most spectacular coastlines. Enjoy stop overs in Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Catalina and Puerto Vallarta. This cruise is particularly good for those who enjoy water-sports but the shoppers will not be too disappointed either!

Spectacular Alaskan Cruises

If wildlife and nature are more up your street then you may have considered an Alaskan cruise. This is your chance to experience real wilderness and untouched country whilst spotting whales and even bears and other amazing wildlife in their natural habitat.

Stop overs on the way may include Anchorage and Juneau. Once you reach Alaska you will almost definitely call in at the state`s largest tidewater glacier, Hubbard Glacier. At over six miles wide, this is likely to be one of the most impressive views you will ever see.

alaskan wilderness - winter wonderland
Magnificent Alaskan snow-covered Wilderness

The Red Sea & Egypt Cruises

Increasingly popular in the last couple of years has been Egypt and the Red Sea.

Choose between cruising the Nile and enjoying all that Egypt has to offer, including of course, the Pyramids or take a Red Sea cruise and see further afield enjoying the crystal clear waters and spectacular beaches.

Many Cruise Options to Choose From

Although you will spend a lot of time ashore, you will find plenty to do on board with a range of sports and other activities available. There are many different cruise options and it does not have to cost a fortune with many deals for cheap cruises available on line. You may even find that some of the top five star cruises are surprisingly affordable and with so many destinations available you are sure to find something that appeals.

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